Remote Learning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  •      What are the similarities and differences between the two programs (K12 and FLVS)?


  1.       Both operate in basically the same capacity. They are both true virtual programs.
  2.       Neither program has live instruction.
  3.       Both programs have resource links provided to support instruction.
  4.       Both programs have Florida certified teachers that do not reside in Jackson County.
  5.       Both programs will follow the Instructional Calendar approved by the School Board.
  6.       Both programs provide access to a teacher during scheduled office hours via email/phone.


  1.       K12 provides textbooks for some of the subjects they teach. FLVS curriculum is all on-line.
  2.       FLVS requires DBAs (Discussion-Based Assessments) for all subjects. These must be scheduled with the teacher and may include the parent to attend under certain circumstances.  Until the DBA is scheduled and completed, the student will not be able to continue working in the subject. 

K12 has a mandatory pre-scheduled time for all students enrolled in a class to be on-line as part of their collaborative learning.  Class Connect doesn’t limit access to content.


  •      What if I don’t like it, can I re-enroll in my home school and resume face to face instruction?

Once you are enrolled in Jackson County Virtual School, you are committing to one semester.  Parents and students will be required to sign an agreement as part of their registration.


  •      How much time do I have to decide?

The enrollment process will take up to one week. Parents should have enrolled online through the School Board website and contacted their school/teacher to let them know if you will be enrolling in JCVS (Jackson County Virtual School) no later than July 22nd. 


  •      Can I continue using Canvas?

Only students enrolled in face to face instruction will have access to Canvas.  Canvas will be used as a supplement to live instruction.  Canvas will be used to submit assignments given upon completion of live classroom instruction.


  •      Can I participate in extra curricular activities at my home school if I am enrolled in JCVS?

JCVS students can participate in activities that occur outside of the school day (sports, band etc), but will not be allowed to participate in classes associated with that activity until the end of each school day.  JCVS students will have a separate graduation ceremony comparable to the ceremonies that will be offered on each school campus in June. JCVS students will no longer be considered a student at their home school and will not be considered as members of any clubs on that campus (Beta, Student Government, Academic Team etc).  JCVS students can attend prom at a school if approved by that school administrator as a guest of one of their Juniors/Seniors.


  •      Will I be able to continue using my school device?

If you are a Jackson County student that has been issued a device to use, you may continue using that device upon enrollment in JCVS. If you do not have an issued device, you may check one out from Jennifer See at the School Board Office. 


  •      How do I enroll in JCVS?

Go to the School Board website:

Click on Schools

Choose Jackson County Virtual School

Select K12 or FLVS.


  •       If I am in high school and I take DCT/OJT classes because I have a job, can I still take those courses and be enrolled in JCVS?

  No, neither K12 nor FLVS offer those courses.  Your schedule will be changed to add elective courses to             replace those in your current schedule.


**The FAQ is consistently changing as additional questions are identified**