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What is MFA?
Multifactor authentication, or MFA for short, is an added layer of protection for your account. You will still type in your username at the JWAY portal and you will type your password. Then, after you have selected your method, you would be prompted for one more factor. You could choose to have a code texted to your cell, use an authenticator app on your cell to get a code, or use your webcam and scan a printed QR code.
Preparing Your Account
Click on your profile username from the top right (red bar) and select profile settings from the drop-down menu.
Please check your home email address and cell phone number for accuracy or add them if they have not already been provided.
Choose from the following options for a Multifactor Authentication (MFA) method from the drop-down to set up a second login factor: QR Code, SMS, TOTP.
Below are specific instructions for each MFA option.