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Technology Training


     Short Handouts and How To Documentation

    FOCUS Helpful Hints

     Complete FOCUS Teacher Manual 

 If I missed the Focus Training - What should I do

There are some short (3 minute or less) videos  and some short web documents that will give you an overview of the gradebook, how to configure it and how to take attendance. They are worth watching if you missed the FOCUS Training or even if you need a refresher. 

     How do I Log On to the Gradebook

     How do I Combine my Classes: Document (Setting up Preferences)
     How do I combine my Classes: Video

                      (Note - Teachers, please DO NOT select to "Combine sections for gradebook".
                                   You may "Combine sections in the same period for taking attendance".)

     How do I Configure my Gradebook:  Document 
     How do I configure my Gradebook:   Video 

     How do I set up Categories:  Document
     How do I set up Categories:  Video

     How do I add Assignments:  Document 

     How do I award Extra Credit:  Document
     How do I award Extra Credit:  Video

     How do I make a no credit assignment:   Video 
          (for example:  to keep track of a form students have to turn in)
     How do I take Attendance: Document 

     How do I set up a Seating Chart: Document 

     How do I change the name of My Classes:  Document 

     How do I Print Class Lists:  Document 

     How do I Export Class list to Excel:  Document
        (great to have for blank spreadsheet with just names)

     How do I Look Up Grades of Transfer Students:  Document

     How do I post my Grades at the end of the 9 weeks  - Video
     How do I post my Grades at the end of the 9 weeks - Document


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