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Fingerprinting Instructions for EMPLOYEES, VENDORS, CONTRACTORS, SUBS, ETC.


          Procedures for LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting


        The cost of fingerprinting is $81.48 for contractors, vendors, and Sodexo employees.
        The cost of fingerprinting is $55.68 for Jackson County School Board employees, 
          sub teachers, and athletic coaches.

         As of 11-19-13, there will also be a $10.00 charge for all contractor badges which must be worn
         at all times while on JCSB Campuses. Only exact cash or company checks will be accepted. No
         personal checks (see more info on badges at the bottom of this page).

        1.  Applicant is notified by JCSB that they will need to be fingerprinted.

        2.  Applicant must pre-register and make payment prior to going to fingerprinting location.
                 (This must be done AT LEAST ONE DAY IN ADVANCE of appointment)

        3.  Applicant can pre-register by either going on-line (easiest method) or by phone:

            a)  The applicant goes to our online scheduling website at
             to submit their demographic data and select method of payment.
            b)  Please call 1-800-528-1358 to speak with an Appointment Scheduling Representative
             (ASR) so they can capture demographic data for the applicant and select form of payment. 

                       Tell the ASR Representative your title and number:
                       > Teachers and Athletic Coaches use number "FL931321Z'
                       > Substitute Teachers and Non-Instructional
                                  (bus driver, para, custodian, etc.) use number "FL931320Z"
                        > Vendors, Contractors, or Sodexo employees use number "FL931322Z"

        4.  Once applicant has pre-registered and receives an appointment, they may go to
            the fingerprint location.  Applicant will be asked to present a photo ID.

        5.  Once the applicant has been fingerprinted, the fingerprint technician will transmit
             the fingerprint records electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
             (FDLE).  The fingerprint technician also issues a signed receipt for the fingerprinting
            service to the applicant.

        6.  Fingerprint reports will be submitted electronically to Hannah Pickels at the Jackson
             County School Board office and she will call you upon receipt of the fingerprint

        7.  Fingerprint Location:
            UPS Office, 4417 Constitution Lane (next door to Marianna Office Supply).

            *** Applicant MUST be pre-registered and have an appointment. ***

                NO payments are taken at this location
                Payment must be made when pre-registering (Credit, debit or check)           

             As of 11-19-13, there will be a $10.00 charge for all contractor badges.   Only
              exact cash or company checks will be accepted.   No personal checks

Applicant may have their photo ID made either before or after their fingerprinting.
            Photo ID badges are made at the Jackson County School Board District Office--
                2903 Jefferson Street, Marianna
                The receptionist in the lobby will direct applicant to the appropriate person.
            Once applicant's fingerprints have been "cleared", they may pick up their badge
                 from the School Board Office.


           If needed, contact Hannah Pickels
            Jackson County School Board
850-482-1200 ext. 206



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