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Name & Position Contact Info
Shawn  Larkin
Director of Exceptional Student Education
850-482-1200  Ext:212
Email Shawn Larkin
Cathy  Hedbawny
Teacher on Special Assignment
850-482-1200  Ext:213
Email Cathy Hedbawny
Nora  Mayo
Department Secretary
850-482-1200  Ext:236
Email Nora Mayo
Kim  Collins
ESE Program Specialist
850-482-1310  Ext:228
Email Kim Collins
Linda  Davis
ESE Program Specialist
850-482-1310  Ext:224
Email Linda Davis
Roberta  Griffith
ESE Program Specialist
850-482-1310  Ext:226
Email Roberta Griffith
Scherry  Bradford
District Assistive Technology Specialist/District online IEP software Support
850-482-1310  Ext:255
Email Scherry Bradford
Saundra  Brooker
Regional Assistive Technology Specialist
850-482-1310  Ext:256
Email Saundra Brooker
Linda  Rudd
Transition Specialist/Job Coach
850-482-1310  Ext:227
Email Linda Rudd
Keri  Sims
ESE Medicaid Secretary
850-482-1310  Ext:229
Email Keri Sims
Sharon  Walters
District Wide-Visually Impaired Program
850-482-1310  Ext:222
Email Sharon Walters
Kerry  Gilmore
Teacher of the Gifted – Project Venture
850-482-1310  Ext:247
Email Kerry Gilmore
Bonnie  Seay
Teacher of the Gifted – Project Venture
850-482-1310  Ext:246
Email Bonnie Seay
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