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Informative Documents

Folder Data Entry Operator Information (3 Files)
Download DEO List
Download School Year Info Sheet
Download Schools List
Folder FTE Information (15 Files)
Download DOE Data Verification reports to check in Focus
Sub Folder Forms (4 Files)
Download JC-117 Instructional Master Schedule
Download JC-144 School Information Update Sheet
Download JC-251 Generation Assurance Form
Download JC-323 Visually Impaired, Speech, PT/OT, Gifted Schedule
Sub Folder October (Survey 2) (3 Files)
Download Admin Memo
Download Reconciliation Form
Download Timetable
Sub Folder February (Survey 3) (3 Files)
Download Admin Memo
Download Reconciliation Form
Download Timetable
Sub Folder Policies and Procedures (4 Files)
Download Attendance Policy/Procedures
Download JC-278 MIS Certification of Attendance form
Download FTE Procedures
Download Transportation FTE Procedures
Folder Student Database Information (20 Files)
Download VIRTUAL scheduling in 1718
Download How to - Enter Co-Teachers
Download How to - Enter Course History grades
Download How to - Enter grades from TRANSFER students
Download How to - Enter Industry Certification Information
Download How to - Print ENROLLMENT Counts by School
Download How to - Print EOY Days Present / Absent
Download How to - Print Tablet labels
Download How to - Record Diplomas awarded after Graduation
Download Report Card Comments and Conduct Info
Download Report Card Printing Guidelines
Download EOC 2013-2014 breakoffs
Download EOC 2014-2015 breakoffs
Download EOC 2015-2016 breakoffs
Download EOC 2016-2017 breakoffs
Download Master Schedule Tweaking
Download DOE Withdrawal Information (from DOE Attendance Handbook)
Download Entry/Withdrawal codes for PK-12 students
Download Entry/Withdrawal codes for Adult students
Download End of Year Instructions and Information
Folder ESOL Information (11 Files)
Download Guidance ELL Info for 1617
Download ELL Extension of Services (1617)
Download ELL Flowchart (1617)
Download JC268 Initial Placement
Download JC268P ELL PLAN form
Download JC268RX Re-evaluation/Exit
Download JC268M Former ELL Monitoring Form
Download 6A-6.0902 (Placement requirements)
Download 6A-6.09022 (Extension of Services)
Download 6A-6.0903 (Exit Criteria)
Download Grad Requirements for FSA/FCAT
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