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Name & Position Contact Info
Larry  Moore
850-482-1200 ext 210
Email Larry Moore
Cheryl  McDaniel
Deputy Superintendent
850-482-1200  Ext:209
Email Cheryl McDaniel
Ashley  Barber
Student Data Specialist
850-482-1200  Ext:231
Email Ashley Barber
Deborah  Barber
Personnel/Leave Specialist
850-482-1200  Ext:207
Email Deborah Barber
Eric  Bellamy
Computer/AV Tech
Email Eric Bellamy
Cherie  Carpenter
Secretary - Elementary Ed/Staff Development
850-482-1200  Ext:234
Email Cherie Carpenter
Al  Cherry
Master Computer Technician
850-482-1200  Ext:218
Email Al Cherry
Phyllis  Daniels
Director CTE & Adult Programs
850-482-9617  Ext:223
Email Phyllis Daniels
Becky  DeWitt
Computer/AV Tech
Email Becky DeWitt
Ellen  Folsom
Finance Specialist
850-482-1200 ext 253
Email Ellen Folsom
Gay  Gaines
Records Clerk
850-482-1200  Ext:205
Email Gay Gaines
Jean  Gause
District Technology Coordinator
Email Jean Gause
Chephus  D Granberry
Secretary - Student Services
850-482-1200  Ext:276
Email Chephus Granberry
Nikki  Granger
850-482-1200  Ext:253
Email Nikki Granger
Cathy  Hedbawny
ESE Resource Specialist -TSA
850-482-1200  Ext:213
Email Cathy Hedbawny
Jan  Howell
Off/Acct/Comp Specialist
850-482-1200  Ext:252
Email Jan Howell
Beverly  Jackson
Benefits/Risk Management Coordinator
850-482-1200  Ext:214
Email Beverly Jackson
Cindy  James
Superintendent's Secretary
850-482-1200 ext 277
Email Cindy James
Michael  Kilts
Supervisor of Federal Programs
850-482-1200  Ext:223
Email Michael Kilts
Shawn  Larkin
Director - Exceptional Student Education
850-482-1200  Ext:212
Email Shawn Larkin
Jeremy  Lewis
Network Analyst
850-482-1200  Ext:221
Email Jeremy Lewis
Nora  Mayo
Secretary - Exceptional Student Education
850-482-1200  Ext:236
Email Nora Mayo
Sheila  McDaniel
Payroll Specialist
850-482-1200  Ext:255
Email Sheila McDaniel
Lisa  Nowell
Finance Specialist
850-482-1200  Ext:259
Email Lisa Nowell
Hannah  Pickels
Certification & Retirement
850-482-1200  Ext:206
Email Hannah Pickels
Carolyn  Pilcher
Director - Elementary and Early Childhood Education
850-482-1200  Ext:222
Email Carolyn Pilcher
Scarlet  Retherford
Programming Manager
850-482-1200  Ext:227
Email Scarlet Retherford
Jennifer  See
Director of Middle & Secondary Education/MIS
850-482-1200  Ext:211
Email Jennifer See
Rusty  Simpson
District Technology Coordinator
Email Rusty Simpson
James (Petey)  Sims
Director - Transportation/Health/Safety
Email James (Petey) Sims
Mary  Skipper
Personnel Coordinator
850-482-1200  Ext:283
Email Mary Skipper
Dustin  Sneads
Computer/AV Tech
Email Dustin Sneads
Kathy  Sneads
Finance Director
850-482-1200  Ext:257
Email Kathy Sneads
Elizabeth  Walden
Network Manager
850-482-1200  Ext:335
Email Elizabeth Walden
Stuart  Wiggins
Director of Facilities and Construction
850-482-1357  Ext:271
Email Stuart Wiggins
Shirl  A Williams
Director - Student Services
850-482-1200  Ext:216
Email Shirl Williams
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